Hope James


Season 7 housemate, Daniella, has made it known that she regrets her relationship with Dotun.

Speaking during her diary session earlier, she told big brother that she didn’t want to destroy what she has with Khalid.

“I had a relationship with Khalid before he left the house and something is starting with I and Dotun. I shouldn’t have let my relationship with Dotun become something that is questionable, in respect to Khalid. ”

She made it known to big brother that she had grown closer with Dotun and a lot more comfortable than friendship should be.

“I just feel like I should have put in certain boundaries.”

She intends to be more practical in stating her boundaries and following up on them, stating that she was going to create more distance between them.

“Considering that we share the Head of House bedroom, we are going to be sleeping in opposite directions from now.” She said.

Recall that Daniella and Khalid had a romantic relationship in the house before his eviction and he promised to wait for her.