Gloria Ogbu

An unidentified caterer have been arrested for stealing over 30 packs of expensive drinks at a party.

According to report, the caterer connived with two other people to steal the packs of drinks.

According to an eyewitness, Busayo Otebata, a businesman: “So this guy and his friends came to serve people at the party and they ended up stealing drinks with trash bin. His two friends left with their own package successfully with their bus but this one is the scape goat that was caught.

“Just imagine, and the security men were begging him to give them drinks, they said it has finished. The security man said he was just wondering why caterers are carrying trash can out because cleaning of the event center is part of the payment for the hall so why the unnecessary stress? Then they became very suspicious to know what they were trying to do (that’s how he was caught).

“They stole food too and only God knows where dey kept it. With what the guy said they stole up to 30 packs because two of his friends already left successful.

If he doesn’t provide his friends naa station straight. Na rich person do party so they didn’t even know drinks was not enough at some point. They bought excess drinks for everyone bruhh.”