Precious Oham

A renowned legal luminary, Wole Olanipekun, SAN, has called on warring factions in the Ekiti State House of Assembly fracas to sheath their swords and embrace peace.

In a statement on Tuesday, Olanipekun described the ongoing conflict in the State Assembly as a threat to peace, order and good government of the state.

He warned them from imploding the peaceful coexistence of the state adding that Ekiti State is now subjected as a laughing stock and pitiable enclave in the country.

The Ikere-Ekiti born elder statesman proposed the reinstatement of Hon. Olugboyega Aribisogun as the Speaker as a way of ending the crisis, noting that he has made the proposal in a private discussion with some principal actors.

His words: “As an elder and stakeholder in the State , I plead to all the feuding parties and their sponsors qua backers to sheath their swords. They should be reminded that the State does not belong to them alone , but to all of us; in fact, the politicians are in the minority, hence they should stop seeing, taking and treating the State as their fiefdom, property or estate.

“Now, my proposal to end this self imposed crisis : Let the Speaker, freely elected by the legislators, Hon Olugboyega Aribisogun be, while the Deputy Speaker, who was elected alongside the late Hon Funminiyi Afuye retain his position . To me, this is a win – win approach, and in my private discussions with some principal actors in the unwelcome drama, I have made this proposal, but politicians always, but wrongly believe that they possess the monopoly of wisdom.

“Although the politicians behind the ongoing parliamentary fiasco in Ekiti may see it as business as usual, they should be told in no unmistakable language that it is a veritable threat to the peace, order and good government of the State, and unless nipped in the bud now or immediately, the consequences may be far reaching.

“It is rather unfortunate that the ruling party in the State has chosen this bizarre manner and route to welcome to office the Governor produced on its own ticket! They are most unfair to both the bee Sheriff and the good people of the State.”