Precious Oham

The Electoral Committee has dismissed the outcome of the recently conducted election by the Federation of Ekiti State Students Union, FESSU to elect its new executives was conducted on 13th August, 2022.

In a statement by the Secretary, FESSU Electoral Committee, Mayowa Olajide Akinleye, in Ado-Ekiti, faulted the electoral process of the election, describing it as a process that contravened the established codes of practice and ethics that governs the conduct of an election that is free, fair and credible.

He accused the chairman of the electoral committee of being bias citing instances of vested interests to aid a particular candidate.

He went further to call for the dissolution of the entire electoral committee, noting that he is committed to due process, fairness and the greatness of the union.

The statement read in part: “There are three instances of gross malpractice that the electoral chairman engaged in negotiating and advocating for certain aspirants; malicious misrepresentation and forgery.

“The chairman in a bid to keep me in the dark maliciously misrepresented the leadership of the electoral committee by presenting a letterhead that falsely identified a Mr. Olowolafe Temitope as the secretary of the Electoral committee. There was deliberate obfuscation as regards the election venue.”

“The election result that was released by the chairman to announce the winner of the election that was held yesterday claimed to have the assent and signature of Mayowa Olajide Akinleye, Secretary of the Electoral committee.”

“This is forgery and perjury as it is untrue. Incidences of this type of duplicity had happened earlier and I have strongly communicated against its practice.”

“The above actions pointedly prove that the electoral chairman, Mr Ayeni Micheal is compromised and has continuously acted without regard to the office he represents by upholding personal interest at the expense of the wider interest of Ekiti state students across the country.”

“In the spirit of fairness and due process, It is important therefore that the results of this election be dismissed. It is also imperative that either the entire electoral committee should be dissolved and another appointed to convene another election.”

“My commitment is to due process, fairness and the greatness of the Federation of Ekiti State Students Union. I might be unfairly labeled an agent of chaos yet I won’t disagree because I understand that it is always from the ashes of chaos that order is established.”