Hope James



The bereaved family of Sarah Ajesi, a mother of three, knocked down by a vehicle learner along Irese Road, Akure, Ondo State, has cried for justice and prosecution of her killer.


The deceased’s husband, Bolarinwa Ajesi, also sustained severe injuries during the accident which occurred at about 4pm on July 18.


The family, through their lawyer, lbukun Fasanmi, said they are not pleased with the way the police were handling the case, adding that the family wanted justice and the matter was being swept under the carpet.


Fasanmi, in a petition to Ondo State Police Commissioner, Oyeyemi Oyediran, said the gruesome death was caused by “a person learning how to drive a car without driving permit while using a white Sienna vehicle of Okeke Ugochuckwu Udoka registered as a commercial vehicle.


According to him, “It also caused bodily harm to Bolarinwa Ajesi having recklessly and unlawfully used the road without lawful authorization with a Sienna bus contrary to the Road Traffic Act.”


“The gruesome murder of the late Mrs. Sarah Ajesi by the trio of Okeke Ugochuckwu Udoka, Mr. Wale and his woman-friend is most unfortunate and calls for dispassionate investigation and prosecution.”


“By a letter dated July 26, 2022, we have called on the Commissioner of Police in Ondo State to wade into the matter with a view to reviewing the lapses delaying proper investigation and prosecution of the matter. The corpse is still in the morgue without justice.”


“Mr and Mrs Ajesi had gone to work and on their way back around 4pm on the 18th day of July, 2022 were recklessly knocked down by a vehicle registered as a commercial van with number plate RBC 867 XD in the most dangerous manner that anyone could imagine.”


“While Mr. Ajesi managed to find his feet on the ground after a very horrible fall, the woman behind the wheel of the vehicle mentioned above reversed and further crushed the late Mrs. Sarah Ajesi on the head in a most gruesome manner and indeed caused her untimely death.”


“Though it is understood that two of the culprits, that is the woman that drove and the man tutoring her, are currently in police detention, we hereby call for the arrest and prosecution of the Udoka Ogochuckwu Okeke who gave out his car for such an unlawful venture that caused the untimely death of the deceased.”


“This fellow is allegedly being aided by some people in authority to prevent being arrested and or extend the investigation to him.”


“The particulars of errors and recklessness that led to the death of our client’s wife are:The vehicle was not registered or dedicatedly inscribed as a vehicle set aside for learner or for driving lessons.

The driver did not have a learner’s permit.”


“The man known as Wale who acted as tutor had no authorization to teach a learner on the highway with a commercial vehicle.”


“The owner of the vehicle is complicit in that he released his vehicle for such an illegal venture and thereby contributed to and caused the death of Sarah Ajesi.”


“We hereby call on all the people concerned to do the needful and ensure that justice is served in this regard to forestall the threats of protest against the handling of this case by the police”.


Ondo State Police Command spokesman, Funmi Odunlami, who confirmed the matter, said the case could not be swept under the carpet.


“There is nothing like sweeping the case under the carpet. If the lawyer has written to the CP, he can follow it up by coming to my office to check if the letter has been treated. We shall do our best on the matter.”