Gloria Ogbu


A Nigerian lady identified simply as @just_gela on TikTok has reunited with her father after more than 24 years of not seeing him.

According to her, she was only four years old when her Dad got separated from her mother and left. Since then, she never set her eyes on him for over 24 years.

Although the young lady didn’t disclose how she finally got to know his whereabouts, Gela however mentioned that she travelled to Abia state to see him.

In her words: “The last time I saw my father was when I was four years old because my parents got separated. Haven’t seen him for 24 years of my life. Follow me let’s go see him again. Abia state has the worst road. “My stomach was so hungry so I got some chicken from the airport but I had no appetite. I just couldn’t wait.”

“At this point, I have cried my eyes out. I can’t believe I have a father. So much joy in my heart. I look so much like him”, Gela said all smiles.

Watch the video of their meeting below: