Hope James


A lady has disowned her sister after she caught her having sex with her husband and pardoned her husband for the same act.

The lady whose sister is a student, forgave her husband and promised not to have anything to do with her sister again.

A concerned friend after hearing all she had to say, advised her against the decision to disown her sister stating that it was the fault of her husband who probably used the fact that her sister was a student and needed money to lure her to his bed.

She went further to let her know that a cheat will always be a cheat and since it takes geo to tango, she should not punish one person for the crime of two.

She made it known to her that if the tables were turned and she was the one in the shoe of her husband, he would chase her from the house before talking to his brother. She encouraged her to forgive her sister because no matter what, her sister will not leave her.