Osatohanmwen Thelma

Netizens on the social media have reacted to the post made by the Social media critic, Daniel Regha, who on wednesday tweeted that any man who distances self from cooking has no right to complain over what he eat.

On his post, he said that “Any lady that can’t cook isn’t ready for marriage, & any man who can’t cook has no right to complain over what he’s being served (even if he’s a breadwinner). If u didn’t learn while growing up that’s OK, but what’s stopping u now? Cooking isn’t optional, it’s a basic life skill.”

His post has garnered various reactions from netizens as it doesn’t support any gender.

Below are some comments
“Some people sold their birthright because of ordinary food” @fouta_djallon said.

@Dabrizee wrote “Cooking isn’t a compulsory skill for men, but necessary. For women, it’s both. If a man can’t cook, it’s his wife’s duty to do so. If she serves a non sumptuous meal, it’s his right to berate her for it. He married her majorly for that reason!”

“I can’t cook but my boyfriend must marry me next year” @LuxuryTatashey reacted.

According to @Ogochukwujacin5, “Daniel press their neck , cooking isn’t for women alone.”

I totally agree but the problem with African women is that, once you show them that you know how to cook it becomes a must that you always cook. When you fail to do so then they automatically tag it as you not love them again ✌️.”@1stusTm added.