Grace Omachoko

A viral video of an unidentified man has sparked reactions from netizens showing a unique bond between him and his goat.

The video with was posted on tiktok, by @ogaemmaupdate showed the man sharing a plate of food together with his goat.

The man placed a tray of jollof rice on a table and invited his goat to join him. To his fascination, the goat shared the meal with him.

A netzien wrote, “it seems funny but very deep, only people with divine wisdom will understand this!”

“After disappointment by friends brothers families you grow to understand animals could be a better frd a truth frid” Another wrote

Another commented “having an intimate and emotional bond with your food is another level of happiness”.

“This kind of goat is very stubborn, if you chase him away you wouldn’t eat in peace so it’s better you share if you want peace” Another wrote.

“Maybe he has been dinning with frienemies he just realized that animals are far better than humans”. Another commented.