Adebayo Adenrele

A U.S-based Nigerian Man has contracted gonorrhea from his wife identified as Chinenye in the United States.

The Couple gone viral online after after a heated altercation over alleged infidelity.

In the clip, the man confronted his wife for cheating on him and infecting him with sexually transmitted diseases.

A source familiar with the incident reports,
“This man has lived in the U.S for so many years and recently travelled to Nigeria to get married to Chinenye. He brought her over to the U.S so that they could start a family.
He recently discovered that for over a year, his wife has been living a dark lifestyle by jumping from one man’s bed to another for horizontal tango.”

“According to him, she engages in this act whenever he’s at work especially during his night shifts. He caught her red-handed and confronted her as it became clear where his STD came from.”

“However, he has asked her to leave his house and go reside with any of her numerous lovers before he does something drastic.”

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