Precious Oham

…pledges to reduce cost of governance, appoint best brains in key areas

The Ekiti State Governor-Elect, Biodun Oyebanji, said his administration will prioritise the issue of security, youth development and infrastructure with special emphasis on power.

The govenor-elect said this at a press conference in Ado-Ekiti, ahead of the October 16 swearing in ceremony.

Oyebanji pledged to support the security apparatus in the state towards ensuring that investors come in and grow the economy of the state.

While reiterating to have a society where an average Ekiti indigene leave a decent life and prosper, he noted that with sincerity of purpose, right policies and communications, his administration will prioritise on the yearnings of the masses.

Oyebanji added that the best brains in the state will be put together into key sectors, thinker the curriculum to include courses like coding and robotics for the youths and strike a balance between growth and development.

On the paucity of funds, he said that his administration will be judicious in their spending, reduce cost of governance and activate all other areas in the tax books by convincing residents on the need to pay tax.

His words: “My vision is to have a society where everybody will prosper. A society where an average Ekiti indigene will leave a decent life. You have to grow the economy in a way and manner it will be sustainable.

“And to grow the economy, you need in flocks of investments into the state. If the state is not secured, investors will not come. These two critical areas are not within the power of the state government to actually do. You can only support the security apparatus in the state, you cannot command or control them.

“I have established contact with the Ministry of Power, and have assurances that by first quarter of next year and if I do what they asked me to do, in the short time, we will have an increase in electricity supply in Ekiti State.

“Our members of the National Assembly will be key and that’s the way forward. If we are able to solve the problem of power and problem of access to the state, investors will see seriousness and will come here.

“I will share my own visions with them, tell them the road I want to travel and take a cue from there we now agree on how to journey.

“We have to prioritise on what to do. There is no government that does everything. There are things that are more urgent than others. Once we agree on what to do, I will go ahead with that.

“There are times that you may have your own vision and may want to take your people where they ought to be but when we get to that point, I will communicate that we may need to go out of our comfort zone.

“I’m not so much worried about lack of funds. This is the time you need a leader that is courageous, compassionate and that is accomplished. I ran on a mantra that together with you, let’s keep Ekiti working. We will still discuss with them on how to prioritise.

“I made a campaign promise that am going to decompose sports from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We are going to have a Ministry of Youth Development. Sports will stand as a commission. That Ministry will focus on anything that has to do with Youth development where people can translate their intellect into wealth through digital skills.

“We will ensure that we thinker with our curriculum to include courses like coding, robotics. Those are things to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution because our curriculum must meet our needs and global needs.

“We will ensure we strike a balance between growth and development. If you develop infrastructure at the expense of developing the local economy, there is going to be a mismatch. We are going to put together the best brain in Ekiti State in these areas.

“I believe that if we activate all other areas in our tax books that have not been brought into our tax brackets, without even increasing our taxes, those that cannot pay we convice them to pay, that will increase our IGR.

“If the economy improves, IGR will increase automatically. We will sit down with our people and explain to them why they must pay tax. We will spend the funds judiciously on areas of priorities and we will reduce cost of governance to be able to survive.”