Gloria Ogbu


A Graduate of Lagos state polythecnic (LASPOTECH) who has only HND have been admitted into two universities in USA to do her masters and PHD respectively.

The lady identified as Akanbi Kemi was accepted into North Dakota State University for Computer science, (M.S) and the University of Cincinnati for Information Technology, (Ph.D). She has however began her PHD studies at the Unvirsity of Cincinnati.

Kemi who after her graduation from LAPOSTECH worked in the IT sector for many years before her admission shared her success story on LinkedIn to the amazement of many Nigerians.

Kemi said: “The journey started June 2021 although stressful, I got the desired result. If you are interested in schooling abroad, do not limit yourself or self-reject.

“The aim of this writeup is to give honour to whom it’s due and encourage Polytechnic graduates that we can fly as high as we want, the limitation is just in the mind.

“I graduated from Lagos state Polytechnic, worked in the IT space for some years then proceeded to apply for grad school in the US without any top up or Masters.” She said.