Gloria Ogbu


The south African Police have arrested over 80 persons, migrants inclusive for allegedly gang raping eight South African women.

The suspects had forced their way into a music video shoot near a mine dump in Krugersdorp, a small town west of Johannesburg, on Thursday and raped eight young women from the cast.

In response to the incidence, the South African Police Minister, Bheki Cele said the suspects were charged to court on Monday, describing the assault as the “shame of the nation.’’

He said: ‘’What happened in Krugersdorp is just a shame to the nation, some of those destructions are permanent with those kids.”

The gang attacked the crew and cast while they were offloading equipment and preparing the set, according to police.

The Police also blamed illegal immigrants working in mines, known locally as Zama Zama, and arrested 84 people during a raid in the area.

“Two more suspects were killed in a shootout with police and a third was wounded and taken to a local hospital,” police said.

It was gathered that a small group of  protesters mast outside the court demanding swift justice as some held placards reading “No bail for rapists”, “Am I next?” and “My body is not a crime scene.’’