Thelma Osatohanmwen

A local nurse (name withheld) has taken the internet a buzz, seeking to reunite with her ex-husband after a year of separation.

The woman, who divorced her husband in 2023 under the influence of friends, said that she greatly regret her decision.

NEWSTODAYNG gathered that, the woman, in her thirties, decided to leave her marriage after her friends encouraged her to embrace independence and assured her she could thrive without a man.

Motivated by these well-meaning but ultimately misguided friends, she ended her marriage and began a new chapter as a single nurse. However, this new phase of life has not turned out as she had hoped.

Her words, “I was influenced by my friends who said I could do without a man. Now, those same friends have gotten married, and I find myself lonely and regretful,” she revealed.

According to her, over the past year, she has dated several men, but none have offered the respect and companionship she once had with her husband.

“The men I dated just used me and left. I realized that my true happiness was with my husband,” she lamented.

Her situation has been exacerbated by witnessing her former boyfriends moving on and marrying younger women, leaving her heartbroken and disillusioned. This series of events has made her reflect on her past actions and recognize the immaturity and misguided advice that led to her divorce.

“I made a mistake, and I know it now. My actions were immature and influenced by the wrong people. I miss my husband and want to return to our home and rebuild our life together.

“I want to apologize to him sincerely and show him that I am committed to making things right. I realize now how much he meant to me and how much I took our relationship for granted.

“I am willing to put in the effort to make our marriage work again. I just hope he can forgive me and allow us to start anew”.