Precious Oham

…says Security top of his interest

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi, said among the candidates vying for the position of President, he is the most qualified to lead the nation out of its present problems.

The Presidential hopeful stated this on Arise TV programme monitored in Akure over the weekend, described trust and character as one the major yardstick that ranks him above other candidates.

Obi revealed that his manifesto is anchored on sustainable development goals with the issue of security his topmost priority noting that necessary policies and security architecture needs to be put in place to salvage the nation from its present socio-economic conundrum.

On the issue of fuel subsidy, he reiterated that it is an organised crime against the nation, where local refineries are not functional to meet the daily needs of the masses.

“I am there to win and I never think I will lose because we need to start solving the problems of the country. There is no much difference, what we are selling now is trust and character and at this stage, I can solve the problem because of all these people, I am the most qualified.”

“When you get there, you should have an idea on what to do because you have taken time to say what I am going to do. I should be held responsible. Can we look back and say what this person say in the past, did he or she achieved that. We can do that from day one.”

“Our manifesto is anchored on the sustainable development goals and key to that is issues of security, uniting the country, ensuring that our nation falls back to what it used to be, rule of law, fighting corruption, making the country productive, creating jobs etc.”

“Also ensuring that you have rule of law, culture, law and order, creating environment that can attract investment and moving into the issues of human capital, physical infrastructure and everything.”

“You need to be decisive and it is not impossible. Among them is multi level policing from local government to state and national. Reviewing the entire security infrastructure, security architecture. You need to deal with this and be able to have appropriate manpower, equipments, training, support etc.”

“We will be decisive and precise because that is the most critical thing to deal with. If you are talking about inflation today, the first thing you need to do is deflation. And that can’t happen unless you get the farmers to the farm unless there is security, support them, grow more foods. Nigeria’s biggest asset today is the vast land in the north which you need to cultivate.”

“For you too turn around the country economically you need to deal with that and for you to attract foreign and local investment, you need to deal with that.”

“Fuel subsidy is an organised crime. Nigeria’s are not against its removal but what is there you are offering if you are going to remove it. We will as quickly as possible bring in private sector investment, supporting to build modern refineries and ensure since its for local distribution, sell fuel to them in naira. If you do that over a period the price won’t be as high one can imagine.”