Thelma Osatohanmwen 


In a trendy post on X, a lady pleading anonymity has confessed to almost to killing her sister over jealousy after sleeping with her husband.

Narrating her story to @pheektordayne on twitter she disclosed that everything started from when her sister got married to a very wealthy and handsome man but it got worse when she came to stay with her sister under the guise of NYSC and subsequently watching her sister and her husband making love.

The lady futher disclosed that her desperation for her sister’s husband made her set up a camera so she could capture them and later masturbate with the video.

Things turned around for her one night when her sister was on night shift and she had the house alone to herself with her sister’s husband and she decided to seduce him by screaming, claiming to have seen a snake in the bathroom so he could see her naked.

She further put her plan into action by insisting she couldn’t sleep alone and the husband’s captive of his own desire slept with her.

Thinking she has finally had her way, she decided to kill her sister by poisoning her so she could have her husband but the husband refused, saying “nothing can make him marry another woman as long as his wife is still alive.”

She later set her sister up after discovering that the poison was inactive and  the husband ended up sending his wife packing.

Feeling elated, she assumed that he wanted her and had come to his senses but after having a drink with him he called men to bundle her out of the house with her property.

Asking for help on how to proceed, she asked if she should keep the whole incident a secret or tell her sister as she had a miscarriage and would never be able to have a child again.