Hope James


Eloswag has yet again clinched the position of the head of house for the second time.

Eloswag who emerged winner after he, Bryan and Hermes qualified for the next round, once again secured immunity for his fellow level one housemates.

Upon request, he nominated Chizzy, Modella, kess, Groovy, Daniella, Pharmsacvi and Amaka for possible eviction this Sunday.

Unfortunately, Chizzy and Modella cannot be evicted as they are fake housemates leaving the other 5 open for eviction.

Meanwhile, Phyna bagged the tail of house for this week as she was the last to finish her task. Phyna had earlier on made it known to her housemates that she is not good at puzzles.

It is yet again another sad loss for the level 2 housemates.