Bernice Larryoboh

Fans of Big brother Titan show have taken to Social media to air their views on the first relationship in the house between Khosi and Yemi.

Their reaction is following a passionate kiss between the housemates who are supposedly in love.

Some fans praised Yemi for his strategical plans to top the game, while others condemned Khosi’s action because she earlier said she was in a serious relationship outside the house.

A twitter user, @SantanaMariah83 stated that she already loves the “ship”.

Although some fans applauded their intimacy others were irritated by their action, saying they were too quick and that the ship will definitely end in tears.

“I don’t think Yemi loves Khosi, Khosi is the one forcing herself whereas Yemi is Yemi is eying lpeleng” OgochukwuVivi12 said.