Thelma Osatohanmwen 


Former Chelsea midfield maestro, Geremi Njitap has embarked on legal proceedings to dissolve his 12-year marriage to Toukam Fotso Laurie Verline, daughter of the late Cameroonian tycoon, Fotso Victor amid paternity dispute.

The decision comes to light following a DNA test revelation indicating Geremi is not the biological father of Laurie Verline’s twins, born in 2008, four years prior to their marriage in 2012.

The 45-year-old football icon has reportedly contested the paternity of the twins, alleging they were fathered by Laurie Verline’s previous partner.

NEWSTODAYNG gathered that, in his petition for divorce, Geremi delineates not only the paternity dispute but also cites Laurie Verline’s purported rejection of sexual intimacy as a contributing factor to the dissolution of their marriage.

Moreover, the former Chelsea star alleges verbal maltreatment, claiming Laurie Verline subjected him to demeaning and insulting remarks, even in the presence of their children.

Court documents obtained shed light on the disintegration of marital harmony, attributing it to Laurie Verline’s alleged objectionable conduct, including recurrent dishonesty.

The absence of offspring from their union further underscores the fissures in their relationship.