Hope James


A man has disowned his son after discovering that he has been squandering the money for school fees for medical school for the past 7 years.

According to a relative, “he has been paying his son’s school fees to study medicine in a private university for seven years and he had no idea that he wasn’t in school all these while”.
The boy rented an apartment in Portharcout and was squandering millions of naira. He just found out and he’s so heartbroken “.

The father, heartbroken, told him to leave his house and never come back. He promised to kill him and risk going to jail of he ever set eyes on him again. Meanwhile, his mother has sent him to go and stay with her relatives.

Lamenting, his relative made it known that “the boy was collecting school fees and pocket money, his mother was sending him a “ghana bag” filled with provisions and foodstuff all the way from Kaduna for 7 good years. He’ll go home occasionally and tell them that school is on break, and after 3 weeks, he’ll return to Portharcout. So sad.”