Hope James

Chairman, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos chapter, Emeka Rising, has issued a statement replying to people who criticised the association for not giving a helping hand to their colleague known as Hanks.


ecall that a disturbing video of the actor surfaced online where the actor was seen roaming the streets of Asaba.

Hanks however, debunked the rumour of him being mentally ill. “Tell all these motherfuckers who write crap about me to stop writing about me and leave me alone… “I am alive, strong, saved and blessed. I am wealthy.” He said.

But while the rumour was having a great traction, his colleagues , fans, and particularly, Actors Guild of Nigeria were vilified for their inaction and negligence of one of theirs.

In defence, the chairman, in a phone chat with Potpourri remarked that there was so little the guild could.

“Well, AGN is just an association, and every member of the guild has his own family. Now, the AGN can only give a helping hand to an individual, as it is not the duty of the association to cater for any individual. Although we have cases where very popular individuals through the guild, are supported by people outside the guild, with some financial donations, for the individual’s welfare.

“Talking about Hanks Anuku, this is not the first time this kind of thing is happening but thank God he has denied it. I am the chairman of the Lagos state chapter (Of AGN), but Hanks has relocated for a very long time to Asaba. I don’t know much about him again since he left Lagos, as it has been a long time since we spoke last. Hanks is my personal friend and we have acted in many movies together.

“I want to say that I am not very sure of the video, but all I know is that whenever any actor is down, physically or otherwise, the guide tries to always give a helping hand…let us just thank God that Hanks has come out to debunk the video and he has said he is okay. But nobody reached out to the guild; we only got to know about it on social media like many of you.” Emeka Rising said.