Gloria Ogbu

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said that he have experienced worst situations of hardship in Nigeria than what many people are currently complaining about.

According Buhari who said this at the inauguration of Dry Port in Kano, there is nothing anybody can tell him about suffering that he has not experienced.

“I have experienced the worst of situations in Nigeria. There is nothing anybody can tell me about suffering. I have experienced everything in Nigetia. I have been Governor, Minister, Head of State and President, and I have also being in detention. The problem with us in Nigeria is that we don’t appreciate what we have until we visit neighbouring countries.” He said.

He also stated that the nation’s economic challenges is due to wasteful style of government spending, recalling how Nigeria had made fortunes from crude oil under successive governments but expressed regret that the golden opportunities to build the nation’s infrastructures were boggled.