Hope James

Popular Media personality, Daddy Freeze has advised those in bad marriages to leave the marriage so they can live.

According to him, “a good divorce is a million times better than a bad marriage.

In a tweet, he said he preached this message “If only Osinachi had listened” exactly 4 days ago, if only IVD and his late wife had listened to his message 4 days ago, she would probably still be alive today and he won’t be
going through what he is right now.”

“Instead of Nigerians setting up imaginary fire altars and praying for days for the marriages to resurrect, they should be taught to leave so they can live!

“The only way to fix many marriages in Nigeria, is for the spouses involved to go their separate ways! If God is telling you to leave why are you praying to him to change his mind

“A good divorce is 1 million times better than a bad marriage. The Bible is NOT against divorce or remarriage. Christ never said you can’t remarry, your unlettered pastors did.”