Sad African American female with tears rolling down her face

Hope James

An unidentified lady has taken to social media to seek advice on what to do as her husband stopped her from sending money to her parents in the village.

According to her, he only permits her to send money to them during Christmas and Easter and tells her the amount to send which she must not exceed.

“I am a married woman with children, and according to my husband’s tradition, I must take permission from him to send money to my parents. Even if it’s 1 naira, I can’t give them unless he agrees and he is the type that monitors me all the time.”

“I am employed, I earn well but because I must account for every Kobo I spend to my husband, many times, he has stopped me from sending money to my parents who are suffering in the village. He only permits me to give them money during Christmas and Easter and he will say how much I should give them and I cannot exceed it.”

“I have cried and begged him, but he said they should understand that I am now married and have my own family. Seeing my parents struggle in this bad economy when I can afford to afford to send them at least 50k every month for feeding is killing me slowly.”

“They suffered so much for me, my father sold lands to train me in the university, my mother sold fruits and vegetables to make sure I had all the good things a young girl could have and now that I have a good job and I can afford to give them 50k a month to help them feed better, my husband refused.”

“What is the use of all the money I earn if my parents can’t enjoy it? My husband is comfortable, provides for the family well but I also pay some bills at home and I have a lot of savings so I can afford to give my parents more.” She lamented.