Young girls were detained and tortured in the concept of women in the trafficking of people, the concept of human trafficking, International Women's Day.

Gloria Ogbu


A Woman who pleaded anonymity has lamented how her husband’s elder brother robbed and rapped her while her husband was away.

According to her, she had no idea who the criminals were until security men caught them and then she realized that her husband’s brother was part of the robbers and was the Rapist.

In her ordeal, “It happened yesterday that my husband brother came to my house and dropped his bag, he told me that he will come and carry the bag in the evening. I never said no because he is my husband elder brother and my husband stays abroad so I waited for him till 8 pm I did not see him, I called his line it was off, I called the wife she said she have not seen him because they lived close to my estate.”

“Around 2 am, robbers entered my house with enough weapons, they took my two kids to our visitors toilet, I thought they have kidnapped my kids, they collected all my money and golds, they opened my husband brother’s bag it was money, they took the bag and one of them raped me carelessly without mercy, he even tried to enter me through anus but by then security have come and started shooting guns so he left me and ran away from the back gate without knowing that some security were there too.”

“They were caught, my husband elder brother was among the robbers and he was the one that raped me, please should I tell my husband that he raped me or should I keep calm so that the police will finish their work.”

She also said that the wife of her husband’s brother has been pleading forgiveness, and not report it to her husband.

She said, “The wife have been begging me since yesterday to have mercy what do I do? Please, advise me before I run mad. Their parents are in my house now, my husband is crying and planing to come back next week.”