Bernice Larryoboh

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has assured the people of Edo State that he will create prosperity for the people of the state by ensuring the development of the gas deposits in the state.

While speaking on Sunday at the town hall meeting in Benin to APC stakeholders, different trade groups and civil society organisations, Tinubu said under his leadership, Nigeria will export gas to Europe and compete with Russia.

He promised to be a listening president the people of Edo State can rely on and urged them to take back their state from the Peoples Democratic Party by forging unity.

“We must rescue Edo State. I am ready to work with you. Take lantern, go from house to house. Don’t get angry. Anger does not solve problems. Disappointment is an energiser for me. You Disappoint me, I work harder. You betray me, I don’t get angry, I ignore you.

“The reason is because you are not my God and you are not my creator. My mother taught me that if you are sad, I will share your sorrow with you, if you are happy I will rejoice with you. If you are poor I will share the little I have with you”.

“Nigeria will make money because Edo has largest deposit of gas. We will make money for Nigeria. There will be long term money for long term projects. We will develop our gas and ship it to Europe and compete with Russia. I am one of the smartest assets of Nigeria”, he said.