Hope James


A lady, name withheld, has reportedly defrauded her husband and divorced him after he brought her to Europe.

According to report, the man married her in Nigeria and went back to Europe where he lives and later on brought her and his children to Europe.

An undisclosed source said β€œshe applied for their children’s benefit and was granted and they started paying the money to her. He asked for it and she said she is the one to use it, that he should forget about it. The man is peaceful and he agreed that the woman take the money. He kept paying the bills and taking care of his family without thinking of the money the woman was benefiting from the government.

He also added that the woman kept the money to herself and used it to build a house in Nigeria after which she divorced him.

“This woman kept saving the money and after some years, it became big. She started building her house back in Nigeria and completed it. A few years later, they had a major issue that led to their separation.

The lady mocked the man and said since she married him, he has not achieved anything, look at her, she has been able to build a house.

“While the man was taking care of all the bills and the family, this woman was busy saving the child benefits and accumulating them to build her house in Nigeria.’’ He lamented.

He therefore advised young persons to always talk about their goals before getting married to avoid problems in the future.