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Media personality, Shugah, has taken to social media to rant about what her friend did after she advised her about paternity fraud.

According to her, her friend had approached her seeking advice on what to do as she was pregnant for someone else while planning to marry her boyfriend. She advised her against it and became the bad one in the relationship.

In her words, “you came for advice, I dropped my two cents, you flared up, blocked me everywhere because I told you what’s right and wrong. You still had the audacity to mess my name up to people. Why?”

She stated that when people had asked her supposed friend why she was not invited to the introduction and was not part of the asoebis, she said, “sugah is bitter and has a bad blood. She hates seeing people happy”.

Media personality Shugah, has gone ahead to post screenshots of their conversation online, saying she hopes her fiance sees it. Adding that she was done being the bigger person and that “nobody has the monopoly of madness.”

Shugah Samz tweet