Gloria Ogbu

There was panic along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, on Wednesday, when some brave road users disrupted the activities of four robbery suspects by pelting pebbles at them.

The incident occurred on Long Bridge, inward Lagos State, opposite Mikano/Karameh city, at about 5.55am.

Narrating their experiences to Newsmen, the road users said their Mazda car took off from Mowe, Ogun State, when they sighted the robbery suspects.

One of the road users, Mr Sheriffdeen Owokunle, said seven passengers were on board the Mazda car when the suspects were sighted in black cardigans, carrying guns and robbing unsuspecting road users.

He said, “The journey was very smooth from Mowe but as we approached the Long Bridge, the driver was advised to be alert because of the perennial gridlock ahead.

“Shortly, the driver peeped through his mirror and sighted the suspects on the bridge stopping and robbing road users.

“People were scared and many drivers abandoned their vehicles as their occupants fled to different directions to seek refuge.” He said.

Fortunately, one of the road users shouted on top of his voice advising co-road users to stop scampering for safety but face the suspects.

This later paved way as the road users pelted pebbles at the suspects while some drivers brought cutlasses, rods and faced the suspects.

Sensing danger, the suspects descended the bridge and fled the scene.