By: Olaseni Olabisi & Balogun Kenny

This write up examine an Afric-Societal themed issue, the innate nature of competition which exited among the female gender and their leadership strategy as orchestrated by cultural systems and belief by combining the Impact and contributions of the female Gender in Africa Society using “ANIKULAPO” as a case study.

Despite a history that has been largely overlooked, evidence is now accumulating via literary artistic production and it is visible that the widespread evolution of Sisterhood Rivalry and significance of the female Gendered Leadership and Management has remained unnoticed.
Although, Sisterhood Rivalry takes different form, under most circumstances, relatively low risk rivalry stargtegy are stimulated, especially when the condition of act is opportunistic or as a result of Constraints of offspring production, Care, or when favouritism is activated.

As a result, this study reveals the competitive rivalry which exist among the female gender with an attempt to point out their strength, wisdom of leadership and management by providing an analysis of Contribution to this theme issues using the movie “ANIKULAPO” by Kunle Afolayan and highlighting directions for future research.