Hope James

A former APC Chairman Ekiti State, Mr Jide Awe, have disclosed that all stumbling blocks to 2023 elections, have been removed.

He made this known while reacting to INEC’s decision to postpone the 2023 polls over cases of insecurity across the country.

According to him, Nigeria cannot afford to postpone the elections as everything is already in place.

“We have gone too far into 2023 election to be thinking that it may not hold for now. It is out of it. We are the eye of the world and I believe the handlers of the election should be wary of the situation, the importance of the election to Nigeria, to Africa and the world as a whole. Whatever might be the stumbling block of the election, I believe have been removed over the years. We shouldn’t entertain that idea at all.”

“The campaign is on, the parties are prepared, for the past four years, INEC is on beat and is doing what is necessary to put the election in place. There is no cause for it at all. Postponement is out of it, we can’t even afford it, it is too costly.” He stated.

Speaking also, Dr Kunle Olajide, Former Sec General, Yoruba Council of Elders, expressed his faith in the government in ensuring the Nation enjoy maximum security during the elections.

In his words, “Security is very paramount in the conduct of any affair, how much more National General Elections. But again, we must not forget the Constitution that stipulates a definite tenure of representatives of whatever position. But there are procedures of elongating the tenures if need be, but such procedures must be brought to the people, so it is not a small process.”

“I believe the government is capable in arresting this issue of insecurity and providing security for the general elections which is supposed to be for the good of the people.”
Accessing the political situation of the country, we’ve made some reasonable progress and we should continue to progress. We should not do anything that will take us back to where we are coming from. We should move forward to join the civilized countries.

He also drummed support on Afe Babalola’s take that this present constitution be changed.

According to him, “it is not the representative of the people’s position. We are a heterogeneous Nation of many ethnic groups, so there are ethnic interests. There should be something that is more representative of the people. Something that springs from the grassroot. What we have is as a result of people who sit in Abuja and bring people from different places together. So I support Baba Afe that a constitution from the grassroot should be enacted.”

Despite assurances from the Federal Government that the elections will hold, Nigerians have expressed their concerns on the issue.

Some Nigerians however, have taken to the social media to express their concerns.

Oluseyi, a tweep, said, “Federal Government telling us not to fear, is more reason we should fear.”

Samuel Ayomide said, “I knew this would happen. Division is the solution whether we like it or not.

According to Ebrimond, “there is no harmony in Nigeria.