Uyai-Abasi Etido

A Nigerian lady identified on social media as Fresh Bread has been devastated after a waiter trashed the meal she bought for N10,900 at a Lagos restaurant.

According to her, she instructed him to pack her unfinished food so she can take it home but he disposed it.

Her post on social media reads: ““Let me gist you guys my experience tonight at Farm City Lekki.

“Ordered a meal of 10,900 and ate a bit of out it, called the waiter to pack it so I take it home.

“I was waiting for my meal and guess what. The Waiter said he had trashed it thinking that’s what I said.

“I’m not even crying oh because this guy kept on begging me that he is sorry and it’s his fault, Omo I say I wanna see manager oh.

“In his words “I couldn’t find it where I kept it again oh” I craze. In this laygurzz.” She wrote.

See her post below: