Adebayo Adenrele

Marie France Mbea, a 57-year old Cameroonian Woman has been apprehended by Younde Police in a Mendzang hotel in Biyem Assi area of Yaounde, for allegedly killing her sister-in-law for rituals.

NEWSTODAYNG gathered that Marie killed ther in the hotel and was intercepted while leaving the hotel with the body parts stuffed in a suitcase.

According to her, she has been talking to an unknown man on the phone who told her to kill her in exchange for wealth.

She then furthered to lodge into the hotel with her, used a beer bottle to hit her on the head and sliced her throat.

The body of her sister-in-law

After killing her, she left the Hotel, then reappeared at the hotel with a machete and a Valise.

She chopped her body into pieces and bundled them in a bag but, the hotel management suspected foul play after it was discovered that she was carrying heavy bag. They rendered help but, she refused thus, prompted the call to the police.

She is being currently interrogated at the police headquarters in Yaounde.