…denies him sex, plans leaving him

By Hope James

An unidentified lady has revealed that she wants to leave her marriage because she can’t remain married to a bald man.

The 28 year old nurse, who took to social media to seek advice said she never imagined getting married to a bald man and is always embarrassed whenever he visits her in her workplace.

“I am a 28 year old nurse, married to a teacher who is 31 now. I feel my life is now shattered. In my life, I never imagined marrying a man with a bald head. It is a quality I don’t like seeing. From childhood I hated bald headed men with passion. But now life has become unfair to me.
Six years after getting married, my husband has started losing hair. It started as a joke last year, a small spot at the back which has now become visible for everyone to see.

“I am so annoyed with this man to the extent that I now refuse to meet with him in bed. Worse, I feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable when he visits me at my place of work. I am thinking of leaving him, I can’t stand the shame of being with a bald headed husband.” She wrote.