Bernice Larryoboh, Ajirioghene Imah

The World Hijab day is observed yearly on February 1 to honor Muslim women who wear the Hijab, its also a day to urge women of various origin and beliefs to try on the Hijab and see what it is like to wear it.

NEWSTODAY gathered that on February 1, 2013, Nazma Khan, a Muslim woman from New York City declared the first Hijab day with the hope of putting an end to any form of discrimination admist those who wear it.

According to the Women Affairs Secretary,  Lagos Secretariat Community Central Mosque, Rahmotallahi Lawal-Ajayi, while speaking on this year’s theme “Progression, not Oppression” on  TVC’s (your view), putting on an Hijab is a personal struggle.

She stated that wearing Hijab is in accordance with the commandments of Allah in Quaran 24:31 enjoining believing women to cast down their looks” she quoted.

She also revealed that the Hijab is a clothing of righteousness that helps to curb the issue of molestation. “Qu’ran (7:26) Oh Children of Adam! Indeed we have sent down to you a garment which covers your shame and provides protection and adornment. But the finest of all is the garment of piety. That is one of the signs of Allah so that they may take heed” she added. 

She went on to appreciate the Lagos State Government for backing up the court judgment to uphold the circular to ensure girls are allowed to put on Hijabs in schools and other organisations.