Gloria Ogbu


A Nigerian man, Mr Nurudeen has divorced his wife, Mrs Nimota Salami for chatting with their male neighbor.

The marriage was dissolved on Tuesday at an Igando customary court on the grounds of infidelity, absenteeism and negligence.

The President of the court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, ordered that the couple should go their separate ways, he also ordered Nurudeen to pay his divorced wife N250,000 as severance package.

According to report, Nurudeen, a businessman, had approached the court seeking the dissolution of his marriage with Nimota for leaving their matrimonial home on three occasions and once stayed away from the family for about two months.He also stated that she was involved in an extramarital affair with their neighbour who she spent quality time with online.

In his words: “The last time she left the house, she didn’t return for a long time. When she eventually returned, it was to pack her belongings.

“I am fed up with her neglect of marital obligations and threats. I need peace of mind.”

On her part, Nimota said, “He is short tempered. He accuses me wrongly of infidelity. He has even arrested and locked me up in police cell.

“I am comfortable with the dissolution of the marriage. I am tired of being beaten, I am tired of the allegations.”