Hope James


A man identified as Kevin has expressed shock in seeing the struggling mother he helped, in his house, with his children.

The single father of three daughters, who was returning from a job interview, boarded a bus and met the struggling woman when the bus made a stop to pick up passengers.

The woman who was identified simply as Cynthia, was said to have been having difficulty carrying her baby’s stroller up the bus with the baby in her arms. Seeing as no one offered to assist her, Kevin helped her bring the stroller into the bus and vacated his seat for her.

In a conversation that ensued between them he discovered that they lived not too far from each other and that the lady who helped him look after his children was the best friend to her grandmother.

Upon retuning from work the following day, he found Cynthia in his house, helping out with his children.

According to his babysitter, “Cynthia helped clean the house, do the laundry, bathe the girls and even made dinner for everyone”.

Surprised, he inquired of Cynthia the reason for her kind gestured and she said she just wanted to do something nice for him after what he did for her.

“It’s nothing Kevin. It’s the least I could do for what you did for me yesterday. To be honest, I was on the brink of fainting when I was boarding the bus. I was exhausted, if it weren’t for you, I don’t k ow what would have happened to my son and me”. She explained.

She also added that “whatever goodness you put out to the world, will always find its way back to you”.