Hope James

A Business Tycoon, Wale Jana, has described marriage as the biggest prison for women.

According to him, it is a demonic way of trapping a woman’s glory and destiny with a ring.

“She’s crying and happy, and all her friends are jealous of her but they don’t know she has entered lifelong bondage and may not come out alive.

“society doesn’t help too so these women want to settle for anything they find and that’s why so many women are married to losers, to men who are not their equal in intellect, class, and destiny.

“These women have to practically depreciate to the level of the man they marry so he doesn’t feel offended, inferior, or insecure, this is demonic,” he stated.

He assured ladies that it is okay to be single.

According to him, “You are complete the way you are. The right man should put a crown on your head, not remove your crown.”