Hope James

A Nigerian woman has sent her husband packing out of their residence in the United Kingdom after he called the police on her because she allegedly threatened to kill him.

The Nigerian couple were the center of attraction in their community in the United Kingdom following a misunderstanding that ensued between them.

According to a source, “The man brought his wife from Nigeria to the UK. He trained her in the university so she can obtain a better paying job as they have kids.

“They recently argued and she threatened to kill her husband with a weapon which led him to call the police. She fumed at his reaction and sent him packing. The man had to invite his friends to assist him with packing his belongings. She was even rude to his friends and their neighbors.”

This is one of the reasons why some of us don’t want to bring a woman from Nigeria to the UK. Her attitude is blocking the way for good women in Nigeria that are yet to join their husbands in western countries.” He said.