Hope James


Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the alarming rate at which bleaching products are consumed in the country.

Nigerian women according to the World Health Organization, 2018, are the highest consumers of bleaching products with a fraction of 77% which according to them, is the highest in the world.

Users of these products have, however, damned the consequences such as skin cancer, liver damage, and kidney failure among others, claiming that these products have benefits like boosting their confidence and providing better employment opportunities among others.

Reacting to this, a Twitter user, @bamidele, wrote, Skin bleaching was actually modernized recently with the nomenclature “skin care, organic bla bla, etc. I just dey laugh those babes whenever I see their reviews, ” I’m glowing, “skin goal achieved. People wey go still use umbrella inside church.

@Aloyusajjad wrote, “If the world cares, they should close or limit the production of such.”