…as she urges them to keep standing out in whatever they do


By Hope James


Nigerian activist and businesswoman, Aisha Yesufu, has given reasons why the Igbos are the most hated tribe in Nigeria.

According to her, there is nothing personal about the hatred felt by the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

“My dear Igbo brothers and sisters, I see you say many times that you are the most hated tribe in Nigeria. And I say to you, why not? Why shouldn’t you be the tribe that is most hated? You must understand that the hatred people exhibit towards you is not personal. It is not to you as the person that you are. It is more or less what you represent. And you represent success, never give up spirit, I can do it spirit, audacity, a spirit that will dare, and succeed even when everybody is seeing failure.”

She urged them to channel their energy to becoming the best of themselves.

‘Your business is not to focus on who hates you but to keep doing what you are doing, to keep shining, and continue to dare. You can’t expect to be successful and loved at the same time. You can’t have it all.”

“I’m an Edo woman and we Edo women don’t fear anyone. What you give, is what you receive and of course, some people don’t like us but that is not our problem.”

She made it known that the enemies are not those who hate them, but their brothers and sisters who tell them not to dare, to accept the position of being second-class citizens.

“No Nigerian is more Nigerian than any Nigerian.” She said whilst urging them not to allow anybody to gaslight them.