…as she leads walk during 16 days of activism against GBV in the state

By: Gloria Ogbu, Hope James

The First lady of Ekiti State, Dr. Olayemi Oyebanji has charged residents of the state to speak up against gender-based violence.

Dr. Oyebanji also urged victims of abuse not to keep quiet so they can get help and the perpetrators of the violence against them can be brought to book.

The first lady who said this on Tuesday during a walk to commemorate the 16 days of activism in the state also enjoined the people to report anyone in their families, or area who is involved in Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or any form of violence against women and girls.

In her words: “If you are going through abuse, please speak up, you are not the only one going through it.

“If people going through abuse don’t speak up, study their mood, ask them questions and show them love, your first attempt might not be fruitful but once she trusts you, she will open up for you to help her. Please let’s help one another.

“If there is anybody in your neighborhood who beats his wife, please report that person. You can come to the office of the first lady or go to the ministry of women affairs or the nearest police station in your area. Report them, don’t let them go Scot free, if they go freely, another person will do it.”

She also charged men to “respect and take care of their women, to end any form of violence against women.”

Ekiti first lady

Similarly, the Chairperson, Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Ekiti state chapter, Fatima Bello revealed that enlightenment against gender-based violence is a tool in curbing the menace in Ekiti and the Nation at large.

She also highlighted the successes of the association in fighting gender based violence and violence against women.

“Ekiti has always been at the forefront in telling Ekiti and the rest of the world that Gender based violence is a no in Ekiti state.

“Today’s walk is a way to fight GBV in Ekiti state, people are now coming, most especially survivors because they know that they have Government, stakeholders that can fight for them.

“GBV is not something that people keep to themselves now unlike in the years past where such things were kept from the social media, TV and radio. People are now speaking up because they know that once they report, they will come to their aid.

“As an association in the media world, we ensure that we report incidences of gender based violence and we also speak against GBV, telling the people that it is devilish and no one should engage in it. We also urged victims to report to us – NAWOJ, as an association, we have always been fighting against GBV.” She stated.

NAWOJ Chairperson, Fatima Bello

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